How to navigate in the Preceptory?

T he Espoo Virtual Preceptory consists of seven rooms: the Armory, the Bailey, the Barracks, the Chapel, the Dungeon, the Library, and the Pub. In each of these locations are topics loosely related to the location. You can navigate from room to room by clicking on the room of your choice on the button bar at the top of each page. From the topics there are links to relevant topics in other rooms, so after clicking on a link you may find yourself in some other room than you expected, but not to worry, there's always the medieval button bar.

S hould you wish to search the site for specific names or words, there is a search engine which you can start by clicking here.

T he stories and discussion in the rooms are being added whenever I find time or someone kindly donates usable material (hint! hint! go see the Patrons' Hall!), so you may want to return here every once in a while. I will maintain the list of topics on this page and include the date the topic was created to help you keep tabs on pages you have already seen. Please note, though, that whenever I get new information that fits an existing topic, I will put it up in the topics, and therefore it is useful to see the page title for the revision date.

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T he background sound is from Ondine Inc's "Memoria Sancti Henrici" (ODE 874-2), which is a mediaeval chant for the patron saint of Finland. The clip is from the versicle "Deus in adiutorium". The clip is used by kind permission from Ondine. If your browser doesn't support background sounds, but you want to hear it anyway, click here.

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