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Templars in Ethiopia?

Submitted by John Wiley

I n the course of my twenty year quest of "Le Grande Secret", I have, of necessity, come across many related subjects. Among these is surfacing evidence that the Templars, after their 'discovery' in the stables of the Temple of Solomon, quietly sent a group of knights to Ethiopia supposedly to help in the construction of the seven Holy Cathedrals located there. In their supervision of the construction of these cathedrals there can be found many unique elements of the Early Gothic architecture they introduced in Europe. Among these are the vaulted arches, flying buttresses, and the exclusive symbol of the Kights Templar, the 'patte croix'. The author (whose name escapes me now but I will E-mail it to you as soon as I get to the library) [Apparently Hancock. -Scribe] presented some convincing evidence, drawn from his interpretations of the way in which the earliest European Gothic church was laid out (again the name of the church eludes me but I will get it to you), that the Templars were actually going to Ethiopia to locate the long lost Ark of the Covenent and return it to Europe, if possible.

H e traced the Ark's journey back to the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (who, he maintains, was Ethiopian and not Persian). Supposedly, the son, having fallen to disfavor among the Hebrew religious leaders, was banished. Solomon, being much troubled by this because he loved his son, retaliated by banishing the sons of these leaders in order that they might accompany his son on his return to Ethiopia. Angered by the banishment, the Hebrew youths conspired to and stole the Ark from the Temple. They did not tell Solomon's son about it until they were well on their way through Egypt on their journey to the headwaters of the Nile (in Ethopia). Solomon's son, being a good lad, wanted to return the Ark to Israel. But the others convinced him that God had said that the Ark could not be taken unless it was by His will. Reluctantly, he agreed and proceeded to his homeland with the Ark.

F ast forward several thousand years, after the Templars, those busy little gophers, found something in their digging in the recaptured city of Jerusalem. All of a sudden, this group of white strangers shows up in front the Emperor of Ethiopia and volunteers, no less, to give a helping hand in the construction of the churches. The emperor, being a canny fellow and suspicious of Trojans bearing gifts, agreed to their offer of help but kept a watchful eye on them. Who knows what tipped him off to the Templars true intentions of stealing the Ark and returning it to Europe (such a powerful artifact, as important to the Christian religion as, say, the True Cross or the Holy Grail, would create quite a stir in post dark-ages Europe, where such things were of extreme importance). Whatever it was, he decreed that the Templars were to become his guests for the rest of their lives. Having problems of their own in Europe with the increasing discontent of the Roman Catholic Church and the European nobles with the Templars autonomous status and increasing wealth and power, the order failed to follow up on the results of their investigation.

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