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The Gallery

he Gallery contains images related to Templars. Full-size image pages are listed below the index.

Thumbnails of the pictures

File sizes and links:
Godfroi de Bouillon gbouillon.gif 95 Kb
A Hospitaller hospital.gif 86 Kb
Jacques de Molay jdemolay.gif 67 Kb
A Templar templar.gif 95 Kb
The Templar Altar tmpaltar.gif 89 Kb
The Church of the True Cross veracruz.gif 98 Kb

Images courtesy of William Edwards.

Thumbnails of the Tomar pictures
The Templar Castle in Tomar, Portugal 93conv1.jpg 38 Kb
The Altar in the castle Tomar, Portugal charola.jpg 54 Kb

Images courtesy of Vitor Ribeiro.

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