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Is the Crystal Skull the Head of Baphomet?

Submitted by A. Dylan Gable

O ne of the most intriguing mysteries about the Knights Templars is that of the Head of Baphomet, a Satanic relic they supposedly worshipped. New dating techniques have revealed that the Head of Baphomet, supposed lost for ages, may have actually been sitting in a museum unknown to us.

S upposedly, the Head is actually on and the same as the Lubaantun Crystal Skull, supposedly discovered by E.A. Mitchell-Hedges in 1918. Mitchell-Hedges reputedly found the skull on a 1918 expedition to the ruins of Lubaantun, a Mayan city. But an article in FATE magazine (FATE 547, October 1995, on pp. 22-24, "The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Part 2: The Skull's Origin," by Mark Chorvinsky) disputes his claim.

T hey cite several discrepancies:

  1. Mitchell-Hedges reputedly found the Mayan skull in 1918. Why then was any mention of it not found in the logs from the Lubaantun expedition?? Indeed, the Skull was not mentioned until 1937.
  2. Scientific dating reveals that the Skull is much more recent than Mitchell-Hedges thought, and is probably of Arabic origin c. 1200.
  3. A few of the Templars' confessions describe the Head as a human skull.

T oday, the Skull is held at the British Museum, and has been since 1937. Mysterious events (visions, etc.) are associated with the Skull, which would certainly support the Skull as the Head claim. If the Skull was indeed of Arabic origin c. 1200 it would certainly support the claim, as the Templars were founded during the Crusades, which were in the Arabia area.

S upport for this claim is minimal and mostly circumstancial, but it is nonetheless an intriguing theory.

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