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Ranks of Templars

T he rank system of Templars was initially very simple, of course, since there were a handful of people in the Order. The Latin Rule, dating from 1128, has 72 articles, in which four ranks were mentioned. When the Latin Rule was translated into French in 1136-1137, it was expanded into 76 articles, and later on new articles were added as needed. In fact it is safe to say that the French Rule was never finalized, since it was continuously updated and expanded so that the last surviving version has 686 articles. Those articles contain the ranks described below.

Grand Master
§ 77-80
§ 99-107
Commander of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
§ 110
Commander of the City of Jerusalem
§ 120-124
Commander of Tripoli and Antioch
§ 125-126
§ 130-131
Commander of Houses
§ 132-136
Commander of Knights
§ 137
Knights Brothers and the Sergeants of the Convent
§ 138-141
§ 169-172
Under-Marshal (a Sergeant)
§ 173-176
Standard-Bearer (a Sergeant)
§ 177-179
Sergeant-Brothers Commanders of Houses
§ 180
Rural Brothers (Freres casaliérs)
§ 181
Sick and elderly Brothers (Freres infirmiers)
§ 177-179

S o there. As you can see, there is ample material for the so-called spiritual descendants of the Order to pick ranks and titles from.

A lthough the Order seems very orderly and neat, it was essentially a one-man-show. The Grand Master had his decisions and everybody else listened. There is more info on the structure of the Order.

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