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T he Library contains various book reviews by both the Scribe and other people. The author or source is cited after the title.
Note that BMMR refers to the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, which can be contacted on Gopher by clicking here. Don't forget to return to The Preceptory, though, the BMMR is extensive and very interesting.

T his is a list of reviews only. There is a selected bibliography.

A lso also, there is a short story by myself titled The Shepherd. This eight-page story was inspired by an actual graffiti on the wall of the Trinity College, Dublin, and included here because of the vague reference it makes to the actual subject matter of these pages, the Knights Templar.

T he background sound is from Ondine Inc's "Memoria Sancti Henrici" (ODE 874-2), which is a mediaeval chant for the patron saint of Finland. The clip is from the antiphone and psalm "Christi pugil eximius". The clip is used by kind permission from Ondine. If your browser doesn't support background sounds, but you want to hear it anyway, click here.
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