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A List of Popes Active during the Order

T his list contains all Popes in Rome during the tenure of the Knights Templar. I have added a few details to the Popes who figure more prominently in the Order's history.
Urban II 1081-1099 Launched the First Crusade at Clermont-Ferrand in 1095
Paschal II 1099-1118
Gelasius II 1118-1119
Calixtus II 1119-1124
Honorius II 1124-1130
Innocent II 1130-1143 Author of bull Omne Datum Optimum
Celestine II 1143-1144 Author of bull Milites Templi
Lucius II 1144-1145 Author of bull Militia Dei
Eugenius III 1145-1153
Anastasius IV 1153-1154
Adrian IV 1154-1159
Alexander III 1159-1181
Lucius III 1181-1185
Urban III 1185-1187
Gregory VIII 1187
Clement III 1187-1191
Celestine III 1191-1198
Innocent III 1198-1216 Author of bull that demanded more humility from Templars, De Insolentia Templariorum
Honorius III 1216-1227
Gregory IX 1227-1241
Celestine IV 1241
Innocent IV 1243-1254
Alexander IV 1254-1261
Urban IV 1261-1264
Clement IV 1265-1268
Gregory X 1271-1276
Innocent V 1276
Adrian V 1276
John XXI 1276-1277
Nicholas III 1277-1280
Martin IV 1281-1285
Honorius IV 1285-1287
Nicholas IV 1288-1292
Celestine V 1294
Boniface VIII 1294-1303 Suffered false persecution at the hands of Philip the Fair, much in the same vein as the Templars a bit later
Benedict XI 1303-1304
Clement V 1305-1314 Instrumental in the fall of the Templars - added the element of war between the Papacy and Philip to the trial and suffering of the Order. Author of e.g. the bulls Pastoralis Praeeminentiae, Vox in Excelso, and Ad providam.

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