The Templar Magic Square, Part II

L et us return to the Square for a while. Consider that you should remove the cross formed by the words TENET in the center of the square. You then have this left:

W hat you now have left is the word ROSA in multiple instances. It should be borne in mind that ROSA is often symbolically linked with the Virgin Mary, who was the patron saint of the Order. Another word still appearing is ORO, Latin for praying.

T hen, re-enter the TENET to the square. You will then find the word OPERATOR four times. Count 'em. Now, Operator is the name assigned to the masters of guilds in Medieval times, guilds such as those of Masons, tailors, and merchants. To reach that exalted status, you had to be a very crafty individual indeed and to produce a singular testimony of your skills, i.e. a masterpiece.

W hile I am in no way saying that all this is true (remember, this is the Pub), it all does make sense in a Medieval time frame. In those times, most evverything was to be taken at least a bit symbolically. All kinds of symbolistic stuff was very much in circulation, and to rank among the in crowd, you needed to be privy to the key of the symbols.

T he next question: How should you place the numbers from one to twenty-five in the Square to get the same sums for all row and column totals? Here's how.

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