The Templar Magic Square, Part III, Mathematics (sort of)

T he arrangement of the numbers below is by no means the only solution to this age-old problem presented on the previous page, but it is one possible solution:

W e need to note that 65 is the result of 5 times 13, and as is well known, 13 is a major number in the Cabbalist and numerological thinking. It is assumed to be the number of eternal rebirth, you know, as in the 13th month when all is reborn. That's outside of Finland, of course, where we still have a metre of snow at that time.

A nother numerological consideration will be iluminated if we rearrange the numbers in a simple sequence.

T his shows that if you take the numbers opposite each other, and sum them clockwise, you find that the sum is always 26, which of course is 2 times 13. Also in the inner numbers, 7 + 19 is 26, and so is 8 + 18, and so on. In Hebrew, Cabbalists assign number values to letters, and the name of Yahweh the God is valued at 13 + 13. Big deal, say you. Well, so say I. This page has been included mostly in the interest of showing how far people have ventured in their explanations of the phenomenon of the Templars.

W hile I'm sure the Cathedral at Chartres was built using the kind of mathematical reasoning as depicted above, I am unable to reproduce it wholly here, neither do I have enough bricks to build the Cathedral. It is up to the readers to continue the number crunching by themselves.

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