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How to Link to the Preceptory

T he Preceptory is a site accessed some 1,200 times monthly. It has recently appeared on many pages listed in Yahoo, Lycos, WebCrawler and other search engines. Because those other pages do not acknowledge the independence of the Preceptory from all affiliation to any organizations, I wish those who want to create links here to put up the following text so that all surfers who see the link also see the text:

"The Preceptory is not affiliated with Freemasonry, the Society for Creative Anachronism, or any other organization. It is maintained solely for the enjoyment of mediaeval history enthusiasts."

A nother thing is this: when linking, please always point any link to;

D o not point your link at any of the individual pages in the Preceptory. This way all newcomers see the Portcullis first and get a good starting point for touring the Preceptory.

T hank you for your co-operation.

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